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For Parish or Town Councils, you can improve reporting of environmental issues in your area with accurate information sent to the teams who need to act on it.

  1. Get your own council branding in the Love Clean Streets app

  2. Empower citizens to be your eyes and ears for the things you want reported

  3. Improve the way you deal with and respond to issues

If you represent a city council, county council, district council, unitary authority, metropolitan district or London borough click here


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Empower your citizens to report litter, graffiti, fly-tipping and many other environmental issues using our award winning app

We now offer a specific version of our service for Local Parish and Town councils which provides most of the benefits of the full service at a dramatically reduced cost.

You can empower your citizens to make environmental reports using the best and simplest app available and then automatically forward them to the organisation or team responsible and generate data on how they are handled.

Reduce your administrative work, and increase resident satisfaction by subscribing to the service online today.

Here’s what you get:

  • Join the Love Clean Streets family - the UK’s leading environmental reporting service. Users can use the popular Love Clean Streets app to report environmental issues in your area

  • The app is automatically branded with your logo and colours when used in your area so it becomes your own community app.

  • Choose the categories that you want to enable for reporting (e.g. fly-tipping, pot-hole, graffiti etc) from our pre-defined list of local council focussed ones.

  • Automatically forward the details to another team, or organisation for completion based on the category of reports, so pothole reports can go directly to county for example.

  • Generate data showing the number of reports you have received, who they were sent to and when they were resolved.

  • Fully manage all reports that are received with access to a web based admin portal.

  • Be notified of incoming reports automatically through email notifications

  • Use our admin panel to review full details of the report including user contact details, location, images, and category data.

  • Respond to the reporter directly through the service to provide progress or completion updates

  • App will provide environmental information through our nationally selected links (option to customise at additional cost)

Immediate subscription available, with three levels of pricing based on population

Prices are fully inclusive of VAT and set-up. Cancel at any time with no penalty.

Or start your subscription immediately by using the options below.

Love Clean Streets for Local Councils (Monthly)
from 49.50 every month
Love Clean Streets for Local Councils (Yearly - 12 months for the price of 11)
from 544.50 every 12 months
Custom Boundary for Local Councils

If you would like to provide a custom boundary (e.g. for parks) so that you can have custom configuration for these areas you can buy this configuration for a one-off setup charge. We will require a SHP file from you that defines the boundary. Use of the app outside of this custom boundary will be treated as a normal Love Clean Streets report and not sent to you.

If you have any questions on this please get in touch and we can assist.

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