The Top 5 Environmental Concerns In The UK


Our environment is changing constantly and we are facing increasingly unpredictable weather patterns. The Earth is poised to face more serious environmental crisis, making us even more vulnerable to man-made tragedies.  Isolated ecosystem in the UK could be easily damaged by natural causes like floods, violent storms and unpredictable weather patterns or forest fires. Unfortunately, people are much more harmful to the environment and this could be among the most destructive times in the Earth’s history. That is, unless we start doing something about it. Here are top environmental concerns affecting the UK that we need to solve immediately.

Biodiversity Loss-there are very few habitats left that have not been affected by human activities. Species extinctions are taking place at an accelerated pace and people are introducing invasive species to areas with no natural predators. Biodiversity in many parts of the UK is declining and environmental issues such as pollution, climate change, overfishing and overpopulation have yet to be solved.

Improper Waste Disposal-every day here in the UK, we are producing tons of waste. Some is  organic, which could degrade naturally and nourish the soil, but others are anorganic, which will pollute the soil and water forever. Even organic waste could rot when piled up in large quantity and produce methane gas, which is a more potent greenhouse gas compared to carbon dioxide. Toxic waste in landfills has the ability to could surrounding soil and water and eventually make its way into the ocean. 

Global Warming-global warming has been affecting the climate since the beginning of the twentieth century. Tree rings provide accurate and remarkable records of climate change in different parts of the world. Global warming is associated with drier and hotter periods, as well as longer and colder winters in certain areas. Climate and weather patterns are complex, which can be affected by global increase of temperature.

Deforestation-forests are being cut down at an alarming rate. According to reports, in 2018, the Earth has lost enough trees to cover an area the size of Belgium. Our forests absorb and bind large amounts of carbon dioxide. The loss of our forests will increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, making the Earth hotter than ever. Once cut down, many of our forests won’t return to its original state, despite efforts to replant it.

Plastic Waste-millions tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean each year. Polythene and other types of plastic won’t degrade naturally. They could break up into small pieces, which make them more dangerous and easily absorbed by living tissues. This is a global issue that affects every country on the planet, not just the UK, and should be addressed by everyone.

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Ian Blackburn