Love Clean Streets for Local Councils (Yearly - 12 months for the price of 11)

Love Clean Streets for Local Councils (Yearly - 12 months for the price of 11)

from 544.50 every 12 months

A low cost version of our Love Clean Streets environmental reporting service specifically for the first tier of local government.

If you represent a Parish, Town or City Council and would like to get your own customised version of Love Clean Streets and help make your area a happier, cleaner placer to live then sign up below and we will contact you to get you setup in a few days.

Here’s what you get:

  • Join the Love Clean Streets family - the UK’s leading environmental reporting service

  • The LCS App is automatically branded with your logo and colours when used in your area

  • Choose the categories that you want to enable for reporting (e.g. fly-tipping, pot-hole, graffiti etc) from our pre-defined list of local council focussed ones.

  • Automatically forward the details to another team, or organisation for completion based on the category of reports, so pothole reports can go directly to county for example.

  • Generate data showing the number of reports you have received, who they were sent to and when they were resolved.

  • Fully manage all reports that are received with access to a web based admin portal.

  • Be notified of incoming reports automatically through email notifications

  • Use our admin panel to review full details of the report including user contact details, location, images, and category data.

  • Respond to the reporter directly through the service to provide progress or completion updates

  • App will provide environmental information through our nationally selected links (option to customise at additional cost)

  • Prices are fully inclusive of VAT and set-up. Sign up today for 12 months service for the price of 11 . Cancel at any time with no penalty.


All prices include VAT at 20%